Human-Sound Interaction (HSI)

Humans sound interaction is a project which aims at the exploration of a new interaction design paradigm.
This project proposes the use of direct and embodied interaction with sound via a tangible and visible object. Here it is explored Human-Sound Interaction (HSI) through cross-modal representation of the auditory feedback. A namber of exploratory studies have been realised for the exploration of HSIs.

Human-Sound Interaction (HSI)

SoundSculpt is a system using holographic projection and mid-air haptic feedback where sounds are visualised and presented as a deformable container whose shape is determined by its associated spectral signature. With an interaction style analogous to moulding and sculpting, the user is able to boost and attenuate frequency components of the sound by interacting directly with the holographic visualisation of the container projected mid-air using hand gestures.

Interaction with 'sound-bjects'

System 2 enabled the exploration of the interaction with 'sound-object'. Here the term 'sound-object' is used to describe the visual representation of a discrete ound source within the virtual space. This differs from the Schaefferian definition of a object sonore (Schaeffer 1966), which refers to a sound event over time (i.e. that has fixed duration) that is perceptually separated from its source (e.g. the sound of door slamming played through a loudspeaker). In our proposed system sound-objects can represent single digital sound sources such as continuous or looped audio file playback, or a live audio input from a microphone or sound card's line input.

Interaction with sound in Mixed Realities

A first study explored the modes of with sound as the interaction with virtual objects which mirror the interaction with the real-world correspondent object.

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