BSL in Embodied Music Interaction

Lead: Dr Balandino Di Donato (Edinburgh Napier University)

Partners: Dr Iain McGregor and Dr John McGowan (Edinburgh Napier University), Prof Craig Vear (De Montfort University)

Description: An exploratory study in the field of Embodied Music Interaction to greater understand how British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters translate music for the hearing impaired. This project will look at the relationship between British Sign Language interpretation of music, focusing on the translation of expressive body and facial movements into musical metaphor. The question addresses what are the sound-gesture relationships in BSL music interpretation?

Related publications
Di Donato, B. (in press). Sign in Human-Sound Interaction. In J. Drever, & A. Hugill (Eds.), Aural Diversity. Routledge. ISBN 9781032024998

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