The HarpCI project is a project that explores the Harpist-Computer Interaction during live performance. HarpCI considers the role of the performer/composer and the tensions and limitations inherent in live audio processing. This was collaboration with Eleanor Turner, former Principal Harp Tutor at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. This case study consequently goes under the name “HarpCI”.
The study and design of modes of interactions were informed by previous work and a series of six interviews with professional harpists using technology in their performance practice. Findings resulted in the development of the design of embodied interaction with audiovisual processes, using MyoSpat; and a two performances The Wood and the Water composed and performed by Eleanor Turner and Star Cluster composed by Kirsty Devaney and performed by Eleanor Turner.

Related publications and performances

Di Donato, B., Dooley, J., Coccioli. L. (2020) HarpCI, Empowering Performers to Control and Transform Harp Sounds in Live Performance, Contemporary Music Review, DOI: 10.1080/07494467.2019.1706351