Inner is an interactive sculpture that encourages the audience in reflecting on its body awareness and the research of our identity, our inner self. Trough touching heart rate sensors (the small green lights), the audience imprints its inner self on the musical structure and light variations. The music makes the sculpture and its different materials resonate, giving it a new identity. Synesthetic lighting underlines the organic, constructive and deconstructive characteristics of the sculpture. This installation is inspired by the junction of the research conducted by Balandino at Goldsmiths, University of London focused on prototyping new bio-musical instruments, and the artistic work of Victoria Curtin Rivera on abstract forms.
Inner was premiered at the Salerno’s Biennale of Contemporary of Art 2018, where awarded the Steinberg and ArteScienza prices as best Interactive musical Installation. In July 2019, it was exhibited at the international festival ArteScienza 2019 - Interattivo Adattivo.
Inner was selected as Best Musical Installation and received the Steinberg and ArteScienza prize.