VoicErutseG is a performance which shows the early results of the research conducted by Balandino Di Donato at the Integra Lab. His work is focused on understanding the relationship between body movements during musical performance and the music itself and; how gestural data can be mapped and interpreted as sound spatialisation parameters.
In this performance, the audience experienced Sequenza III by Luciano Berio and, afterwards, Strypsody by Cathy Berberian performed and specialised by Vittoriana De Amicis. It was performed at Frontiers Festival 2015, EmuFest 2015 and ElectroAquistica 2015.
VoicErutseG v0.1 is the result of a series of considerations regarding the use of the body as a musical instrument to produce sounds and, to control the sound spatialisation through its natural behaviour. Theoretical thoughts have been interpreted using the Myo amrband, the machine learning library ml-lib and a simple spatialiser. Both tools, ml-lib and the spatialiser, have been implemented within Pure Data (aka Pd) and driven using Myo. These tools allowed Balandino to create a system, which can be used by the performer to drive musically a sound spatialiser just through performing the original score.