Water Shapes

Water shapes, for live electronics, is composed and performed by Balandino Di Donato using MyoSpat. Water shapes was premiered at Live at Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPWS'18) hosted at the New World Symphony (Miami, USA) on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018.
Water Shapes is a piece that tells the story of water drops evaporating, condensing, freezing, melting and flowing back to its original place. The performance explores ways of shaping the sound as if it were a physical and tangible entity. The physicalisation of the digital sound source becomes evident through an embodied human-computer interaction by means of MyoSpat; electrodes sensing hand gestures and a computer synthesising audiovisual mediums allows Balandino to 'shape' the 'sound-object' through an enactive interaction.

Water shapes was performed as part of a concert where Chloe Tula (Harpist) and Balandino Di Donato performed Chanson dans la nuit de by Carlos Salzedo (1929), adapted for harp and sound spatialiation. Chloe performing from X will stream the audio feed to Balandino, at Y, for rendering the spatial sound using MyoSpat, an interactive gesture controlled system to control and transform audiovisual mediums.